Event : Sekepal Aspal Indonesia 2014 Motoart Exhibition

Lawless Jakarta, Saint & Sinners Motorclothes, and BeerGarden presents:

Sunday, August 24th, 2014, at BeerGarden Menteng, jl. K. H.Wahid Hasyim no. 108, Jakarta. Doors open at 4 PM.

Exhibiting Bikes By: Uton Galgari – White Collar Bike – Kickass Choppers – Pickers Store – Flying Piston Garage – Six Volt Kustom – Sweng Skoy – Seger Waras – Brodonolo Garage

Exhibiting Artwork By: “Acan” Rafsan Yuono – Irvine – Lambang – MasBayas – Boyan – Thrive MC – Ones – Wev2K – Nara Pratama – Rio Bronx – Kallos Hand Lettering – Unionwell

Accoustic Performance By: The Riot Cub and Kick Your Motor Noise

Win a bottle of Jagermeister on our Instagram photo contest

Supported By: Telkomsel – Troupe Industry – Altos Company – Jagermeister – Motor Plus – Flash Rabbit Motorcycles – DNMT Bali – Seger Waras – Sweng Skoy – Forstand Projekt – Naskleeng 13 – Penny Jakarta – Unionwell.

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